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Intimacies Volume 2 (International Orders)

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Intimacies Zine: dismantling first times, second bases, and other intimate milestones

- 40 pages, printed in black and white, A5 size, and stapled
- Volume 2 is made up of one large section - "Spark" - made up of 22 essays

It took me a long time to understand I was angry at the smallness of sex, or sex as I was taught to know it - the rigidity, the binary nature, the heteronormativity, the schedule we're all meant to follow, the judgment and shame and guilt, the divisions between the romantic, the platonic, and the sexual. I tried to shake it off, focused on owning my own story and my own body, on learning myself out of the shadow of "sex". Of course, with hindsight working how it does, I didn't know then that what I was doing was also making myself ready to engage with physical intimacy on my own terms.

This zine explores my journey with physical intimacy, touch, and sex through thirty something short essays of varying length. Volume 2 mostly covers a three month period that starts with a few significant and altering conversations, followed by experiences of navigating physical intimacy and how it folded in with the stories I wanted to have in my life — a series of many firsts in all shapes.

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